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We Service All Trailer Brands

Our service department is available and ready to help you repair or enhance your trailer in any way necessary. From acid washing and cleaning to replacing tires or repairing a generator, our State-of-the-Art service facility has every capability to fix, or add any custom addition to your trailer that you can dream. We service every brand of trailer on the market hitch to bumper, and will offer you knowledgeable insight as to the prudent direction necessary to keep your trailer safe and ready to travel at a moment’s notice.

No Surprise Service

It’s all about how we work.  Bring your trailer in and our service manager will spend the time necessary with you going over every question or concern about your trailer.  We provide complete trailer service, custom requests, care instruction, premiere customer service and trusting relationships each day we open our gates. (Often times you may save some money by grouping several usual service items into one of our service packages below.)

Our 12,000SF State-of-the-Art service facility services all brands of trailers no matter what size.  We offer complete tire service including selection, balancing, mounting and rotation. We are also here to aide in working directly with your insurance company on estimates as well as full repairs.

Aluminum welding including design, fabrication and installation of items such as custom stock pens, roof-top carriers, ramps, awnings, generator packages, custom A/C’s or almost any request possible are available on-site.  Interior work is available from deer camp setups, race car garages, show quality trailers, full bathrooms, satellite TV, WIFI, internet, custom kitchens, animal comfort, sound systems…….the list of available solutions is nearly endless.

Standard steel welding services are available for frames and structural integrity.  We maintain a large inventory of common parts and electrical/lighting solutions to reduce the time involved in completion of common trailer issues.  In addition, we stock a variety of balls, hitches and brake controllers for bumper pull or gooseneck applications and are here to install the safest solution into your truck or SUV so you always pull away safe and assured.

As a certified WERM Flooring installer, we are proud to provide our customers with a premiere flooring solution guaranteed to create a layer of protection for your trailer as well as the passions you are towing.  The WERM flooring system completely seals your trailer floor and provides a padded, slip resistant surface that is impervious to liquids and eliminates the need for rubber mats. This unbelievable product will not crack or chip and is an easy to clean, low maintenance solution for your trailer.

Requested service items that do not fall within one of our service packages will receive a detailed service estimate detailing time and cost.  It is very important that you and our service department have a complete understanding of what you need completed, how long will it take, and importantly HOW MUCH WILL IT COST.  We have created three service packages listed below in order for you to keep your trailer in tip top shape at all times. Call us today to ensure your trailer has the proper attention to care for your precious cargo anytime in 2016 and beyond.

Service Package 1

Bumper Pull & Gooseneck Trailers

Recommended every other year for light trailer use, once a year for medium to heavy use.
SERVICE PACKAGE 1     $295.00

Tires and Wheels

  • Check wheels for damage
  • Check tire condition and wear
  • Check air pressure
  • Rotate tires

Adjust Brakes

  • Check wiring and ensure proper spring/pad operation
  • Inspect brake pads
  • Clean drums

Service Wheel Bearings

  • Clean and Inspect all wheel bearings
  • Re-pack with premium hi-temp grease
  • Replace axle bearing seals


  • Check all exterior and horse compartment lights and switches
  • Check trailer-to-truck plug
  • Check brake-away battery for proper voltage

Body Components

  • Check all hinges, latches, dividers, door locks, gates, drop doors, windows for proper function & condition
  • Check safety chains
  • Lube coupler
Service Package 2

Living Quarters Trailers

Recommended on an annual basis. Includes Service Package 1.
SERVICE PACKAGE 2          $645.00

A/C & Heat System

  • Replace A/C filter
  • Inspect furnace and A/C systems


  • Clean refrigerator orifice & burner tubes
  • Check microwve
  • Check cooktop for proper burner operation

Water System

  • Replace anode rod for hot water heater
  • Inspect burner tube for hot water heater
  • Flush holding tanks


  • Change crank case oil
  • Replace spark plug
  • Test generator starting battery
  • Replace fuel filter and air filter

Service LP System

  • Inspect lines, check for system leaks
  • Inspect smoke, CO2 and LP detectors

Batteries & Electrical

Test battery charge and condition Check terminals Check converter for proper output


  • Inspect and lubricate awning assembly
  • Inspect roof – plumbing, vents, antennas, shower dome, bath vent, etc
Service Package 3

All Trailers Wash & Detail

Optional Wax & Buff Available
BUMPER PULL INSIDE        Starting at $85.00
GOOSENECK OUTSIDE       $9.00 /ft
GOOSENECK INSIDE          Starting at $135.00

Clean trailer exterior and horse compartment Acid applied as needed Wheel dressing Lube all latches on doors, dividers, gates, drop windows

GC Service Manager – Felipe Garcia

GC Service Team

Complete Tire Service – Selection, Mounting, Rotation, Balancing

Full Service Facility – Servicing All Trailer Brands



Awning / Canopy Installation

A/C, Satellite, WIFI, Internet, Generator Repair & Installation

We Service All Trailer Brands

Aluminum Fabrication Services